Drum Sets

Gretsch 60’s Round Badge 20/12/14
Gretsch 70’s Stop Sign Badge 24/13/14/16
Pearl Wood Fiberglass 70’s 22/13/16
Slingerland 70’s 22/12/13/16
Tama Star Walnut 18/12/14

Snare Drums

 - Metal - 

14x5,5 Ludwig Acrolite (70’s)
14x5,5 Ludwig Supraphonic Super-Sensitive (70’s)
14x6,5 Rogers Dynasonic Chrome over Brass (70’s)
14x5,5 Yamaha Steel SD-5000MA (80’s)
14x6,5 Worldmax Black Dawg Brass (2000)
15x4 Tama Kenny Aronoff Piccolo Brass (90’s)

- Wood- 

14x5,5 Slingerland Student Model (60’s)
14x5 Kent Mahogany (60’s)
14x5,5 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (90’s)
13x7 Yamaha Akira Jimbo Beech (2000)
14x5,5 Tama Star Walnut (2018)
14x6 Tama Star Solid Spruce (2018)
14x6,5 Geo. Way “Studio” Maple/Gum (2021)
14x4 DW Collector’s Birch Piccolo (2017)
14x12 MIJ Marching Drum 
10x2 Sonor Jungle Snare

Bass Drums

26x10 70’s Vintage Premier Marching Bassdrum
24x12 C&C Bassdrum
20x14 6o’s Sonor Teardrop Bassdrum


Large Assortment (8’-26’) of ear selected, new & vintage Istanbul Cymbals
Vintage Zildjian Avedis & Paiste Cymbals

Percussion & Electronics

Selected Assortment of Meinl, LP & Vintage Hand Percussion
Sunhouse Sensory Percussion Triggers (4x)
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Boss SP404 Sampler
Selected Electro Harmonix Guitar EFX Pedals


AKG D 112
AKG C 1000 (2x)
Aston Spirit LDC
Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
Miktek PM 10 (2x)
Oktava MK-012 SDC (2x)
RB500 Ribbon Mic
RM700 Ribbon Mics (2x)
Rode NT 5 (2x)
Sennheiser MD 421 (2x)
Shure SM 57 (2x)
Shure SM 58 (2x)
Shure Beta 52
Solomon LoFreq
Warm Audio WA47jr 
12 Gauge Red SDC
12 Gauge 12g50 SDC

Recording & Outboard Gear

RME Fireface UC 
Classic API VP26 Preamps (2x)
Classic API 312 Preamps (2x)
GAP Pre-73 Neve-Style Class-A Preamps (2x)
M-Audio Octane Preamp (8x)
DBX 160XT Compression (2x)
SPL Transient Designer (4 Channel)
Tascam 424 Tape Recorder (4 Channel)
Yamaha HS 80 Monitoring


Logic Pro X
Ableton Live 
Sunhouse Sensory Percussion
Soundtoys Plugins
Waves Plugins
Goodhertz Plugins

Chris proudly endorses Sunhouse Sensory Percussion, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and Los Cabos Drumsticks.