The Tracking Farm

is a Boutique Drum Tracking & Writing Studio located in a 19th century farm house near Hamburg, Germany. It is operated by Drummer, Producer and Sound Designer Chris Hill, who is very fortunate to be touring, recording and/or collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists & producers such as:

Alice Phoebe Lou, Hush Moss, Kyson, Merryn Jeann, Badmómzjay, Bozza, Quinn Oulton, Demae, Glia, Carlos Niño, Olmo, Jesper MunkNoah Becker, Duendita, Ex Olympic, Rob Shelton, August Charles, Yum Yuck, Doron Segal Trio, Frank Dillane, YAH3, Martin & James, The Lightning Orchestra, Achim Kaufmann, Tobias Delius, Liz Kosack, Vincent von Schlippenbach / DJ Illvibe, Els Vandeweyer, Rainer Witzel, Otis Sandsjö, Dan Peter Sundland, Dag Magnus Narvesen, to name a few.

As a producer and sound designer, Chris has founded the creative agency chhhhhh, which has collaborated with major brands such as Mercedes Benz, Drive Now, Nokia, VIU Eyewear, Deutsche Bahn,  ARD Television, WIRED, Goethe Institute, Karla Otto, GAP, Zalando and many more.

Chris has made himself a name for his elegant pocket groove, creative sound design, modern & vintage drum tones and the organic implementation of electronics. His work is mostly operarating at the intersection between Modern & Vintage Pop Styles, Singer-Songwriter, HipHop, Electronic, Jazz and Experimental Music.  He is known for his creative approach as well as his outstanding professionalism & reliability.